Thursday, March 19, 2020

Serving Love

To all my friends in hospitality.
Our industry has been hit hard and it is scary to think that we are unemployed for an indefinite amount of time.  The industry is a magnet to some of the most creative, nurturing, humorous, fun, adventurous and giving people. We are in the weeds and there is no doubt that we will get out. Before we know it we will be trying to get shifts covered so we can go on vacation! Money goes and money flows and it will find its way back into our pockets. Time to get creative!

Corona - from COVID-19

Meet Corona from a faraway land. She has lost her way and is terrified. She is as frightened of us as we are of her. We must do our part to remain calm, keep everything clean (especially our hands), don't touch your face, and pause. The more we quiet and flatten the curve, the sooner she can find her way home! Stay calm, stay home, stay grounded and remember we are all in this together.
Inspired by the genius of Dawn Stanton!