Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DAY 7-11

I just got back from spending the weekend in New York. It was a fun filled weekend with my family and friends. Through all the activity I made time for my drawing of the day!! Hoot -Hoot :)

DAY 11 - Mentally Exhausted
After traveling through the night , tossing and smacking my head on the window of the plane. I made back to SF in time to take a nap and go to work. I'm in need of sleep!

DAY 10 - Peek-a-boo

Inspired by the jungle of planets that live in my mother's living room.

DAY 9 - Marriage
Today one of my childhood buddy's gets married. Off to Pennsylvania to celebrate!!!

DAY 8 - Happy 83rd Birthday Grandma!!!
My grandma turned 83 while I was home and I got to spend the day with her and celebrate her!!!! It was THE BEST! I love her!

DAY 7 - Clam Jam

The first thing I love to do when I go back to the east coast is get me some clams on a half shell. The seafood is so gooood out there. I shucked clams and my mom made a nice dinner. Yum